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Our field of activities

We at LinC offer to connect you to the world of medical cannabis by supplying holistic project management services.

Preliminary Project Characterization

Characterizing any agricultural project, let alone those involving medical cannabis, is the most fundamental stage of the process, as it ensures optimization of the different cultivation systems, genetics, and end products to the local climate and environment.

Business and Strategic Planning

Supporting the customer in business and strategic planning is our main priority. LinC brings its unique experience in the Medical Cannabis industry to give the customer all the tools needed to make smart and economical decisions.

Detailed Project Planning

LinC provides full detailed planning of all cultivation systems with the growing equipment, as well as the secondary technology suppliers. LinC designs the conceptual floor plan for all project elements; however, it is the client’s responsibility to assign a local engineer and/or architect to construct the project plans.

Project Construction

Construction can begin once equipment arrives and passes a quality check. We then build a timeline for the project’s construction (GANT) and the coordination of the contractors for the different stages. LinC supervises the work of the various

sub-contractors (greenhouse structure, security, structural engineering) to ensure proper standards and prepare the staff for final inspection.

GAP/GMP Certification Process Support

LinC accompanies the farm in the process of EU-GMP certification. We can offer a certification company or work with one appointed by the customer and support the process of standard implantation.

Staff Recruitment

LinC provides support with the process of recruiting professional staff and initial training of the employees. In addition, we offer training to the employees on and integrating the work process for the various tasks on the project. We train the labor force in the practical implementation of the cultivation and required work protocols.

Agronomic Training, Cultivation and Work Protocols

LinC provides professional support in all aspects regarding the proper management of the farm, such as. working with control and certification bodies, communication with suppliers, external labs, and service providers.

Staff Recruitment

LinC 2 You is a wireless, solar-powered sensing package that collects vital cultivation data. Every 10 minutes, the collected data is sent to the system’s cloud storage, with alerts of any deviation from the optimal range.

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