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Hemp & Medical Cannabis

Our Company

LinC is a knowledge-based company, providing Medical Cannabis & hemp projects. We supply turnkey projects for the cannabis industry designed to the specific needs of each customer, drawing on our extensive experience in the medical cannabis and hemp industry, supplying holistic project management services.

The cannabis industry is a new and evolving field, LinC provides leading knowledge and support leading to a maintained success in your operation.

At LinC we enable our customers and investors peace of mind and comfort who seek a broad introduction into the medical cannabis area. LinC provides vast experience across the agricultural sector with a specific focus on the cannabis industry. Our guarantee is to provide top tier support on your cannabis operation leading to efficient success.

Our mission is to secure high profitability and sustainability of our client’s investment by implementing the most feasible solution. No matter the environment, we will execute it in the most economical and efficient way.

Our Activities

Our field of activities, we at LinC offer to connect you to the world of medical cannabis by supplying holistic project management services.


Preliminary Project Characterization

Business and Strategic Planning

Detailed Project


GAP/GMP Certification Process Support


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Agronomic Training
Cultivation And Work

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Our vision

LinC’s vision

LinC’s vision is to provide holistic cannabis production solutions based on scientifically proven methods and hands-on field experience, while maintaining transparency to ensure that our customers will have the most efficient solutions to provide safe and premium products to their end-users.


The Team

We are a team of expert agronomists and cannabis growers. LinC provides 10 years of experience in the cultivation and management of commercial-scale medical cannabis farms, and over 20 years of experience in agricultural project management.

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LinC Ltd. 8 Sokolov St.,Tel-Aviv, 6248408, Israel

1-805-5672530 |

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