Our Services:

We at LinC offer to connect you to the world of medical Cannabis by supplying holistic project management services.

Cannabis is a unique crop and the industry that surrounds it is young and evolving. In order to succeed in this field, it requires expert knowledge and experience.

LinC is an excellent choice for investors who seek a broad introduction to the medical Cannabis area, as we have vast experience in this arena and the agricultural sector in general. LinC assures that the project, on all its complex parts, unfolds in perfect sync, guaranteeing your success.

Our mission is to secure the profitability and sustainability of our clients’ investment by specifying the most feasible solution, based on the particular environment and executing it in the most economical and efficient way.

LinC provides a full spectrum of solutions throughout an entire project’s life-cycle. We help our clients develop their medical Cannabis project and work with them in order to build, grow, upgrade and finally take it to market.

Project Course of Action:

  • Conduct a preliminary survey to determine the needs of the clients and resources available.

  • Collect data on environmental conditions.

  • Project specification and quoting.

  • Delivery and on-site preliminary work.

  • Onsite supervision of project building and implementation.

  • Agronomic training and ongoing support in all aspects of medical Cannabis cultivation.

Agronomic Support

  • LinC supports the customer in all actions needed for proper management of the project.
  • Planning of agronomic activities needed for maximizing yield and ensuring product quality.
  • Planning of the cultivation strategy, vegetative propagation (rooting of cuttings and micropropagation) irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, agro-technique, and harvest.
  • Post-harvest treatment, trimming, drying, packing and storing.

Agronomic visits will be held on a regular basis.

Professional Training and Education

  • Support in the labor force recruitment process, initial training of workers.
  • Advanced training and implementing work processes for all areas and activities required on the farm.

Education at an academic level in the various aspects of agriculture and medical Cannabis cultivation.

Financing Solutions

LinC has the knowledge and professional experience to manage and support financial solutions for agricultural projects.

  • Creating a financing model which is based on loan payback at convenient conditions.
  • Postponing loan payback, credit insurance, tax discounts.
  • Building a financing contract with financing institutes.

A correct financial analysis is imperative for any project success, especially in an evolving industry. LinC offers a diverse toolbox to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the financial planning

  • Financial modeling suitable for agricultural projects.
  • Counseling and support on financial institutions.
  • Building a business plan.
  • LinC offers to connect you to the world of medical Cannabis.
  • Training on the best technologies and agronomic knowledge.
  • Access to experts with 20+ years of experience in agricultural projects and 10 years of unique experience in commercial scale medical Cannabis cultivation.
  • Financial knowledge and tools that will ensure the project’s success.
  • Integrating you into the market in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

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