Breaking Cannabis Stock News: Isracann Biosciences (CSE: $IPOT.C) Hires Expert Consultancy LinC to Steer Israeli Cannabis Project

Expert Agronomic and Project Management Knowledge Vital to Early Success

VANCOUVER, BC – November 14, 2019 ( Newswire) Isracann Biosciences Inc. (CSE: IPOT) (XFRA: A2PT0E) (OTC: ATLED) (the “Company”) an Israel-based company focused on becoming a premier low cost, high quality cannabis producer for both domestic and European export sales, has engaged the services of LinC by Growing Smart Ltd. to deliver a formal project characterization roadmap for the successful development of its proposed 230,000 sq. ft. purpose-built production facility.

The project characterization, is an in depth and detailed document profiling the site-specific seasonal climatic conditions, including daily hours of sun, average daily/nightly high and low temperatures, daily humidity levels, and UV index levels. With that information, the project characterization determines necessary greenhouse environmental controls and equipment for dehumidification, air circulation, shading screens, active heating, cooling and carbon dioxide enrichment.

LinC is the cannabis specific arm of Grow Smart Ltd, with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Shanghai, China. The company is an international agricultural project management company supplying turnkey projects for the cannabis sector delivering individually tailored solutions to the unique needs of each project.

In addition to developing the project characterization for Isracann, LinC has been contracted to provide site-specific cannabis agronomic services. Leading LinC’s agronomics team is Tal Saadon, who holds a Master of Science in Agronomy with over 10 years of commercial agriculture experience, primarily in greenhouse cannabis cultivation from seed, harvest and drying processes through to extensive experience working with multiple growers and the various arms of the Ministry of Health. The team also includes second generation farmer Tal Tregerman, who comes from a core founding family of an important agricultural Moshav (co-op agri-community) in the prolific Negev region. Tregerman originally established IMC Ltd., one of the first successful outdoor cannabis greenhouses in Israel and firmly established his ability to develop farm concepts into successful active operations.

LinC’s team collaborates across the industry by working with growers, entrepreneurs, investors, agricultural research centers, agricultural technology and input companies alike. These efforts translate into over 20 years direct experience successfully serving the medical cannabis industry in Israel and abroad. The company’s role extends well beyond the initial planning phase by providing technical, business, construction and financial solutions as well as ongoing knowledge transfer and support throughout the entire lifecycle of Isracann’s production facility.

Company CEO Darryl Jones comments, “When we initially undertook this project, we knew we would need to bring onboard a quality team with the knowledge and experience to achieve timely results. LinC is that team, and we are very appreciative that they were amenable to working with us. We know they have a long list of potential projects available to them and we have worked long and hard to ensure we are a priority with what is expected in the coming months. Their enthusiasm for our project has been highly motivational to everyone concerned and we look forward to implementing their detailed approach to developing what we collectively believe will be one of the most efficient, highest-quality and lowest cost licensed export production facilities throughout the entire region.”